User Experience Design & Multimedia Content Production

Your online visitor wants to engage, with the device of their choice, in experiences that are easy to use, meaningful and delightful.  They expect creative, innovative and interactive content that tells a compelling true story about you, your world or product. That is what user experience design (UX) is all about and it’s what I do. To round out this approach I produce original digital content: video, audio, music, and web friendly editorial copy that enriches the user’s experience.

I ensure the interaction your online visitor enjoys is effortless whether they are on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. I also create social media strategies that are strategic and create relationships. I love to create unique content that’s easy to share on social media, creates a dialogue, and builds loyal followers. The end result should be an intuitive world that brings all of these different tools and technologies together to create one cohesive experience for your audience. And yes, it should be fun and entertaining for them to interact with you online!

Contact me at info@jeanstrong.com to get started!