Creative Digital Content Production & Conceptual Design

Your online visitor wants to engage, with the device of their choice, in experiences that are easy to use, meaningful and delightful.  They expect creative, innovative and interactive content that tells a compelling true story about you, your world or product.  You can and should be authentic with your visitors;  tell your story and connect with online visitors in a real way in your own voice. That is what user experience design (UX) is all about.  That’s what I help you do.  And to round out this approach I produce original digital content: video, audio, music, and web friendly editorial copy that enriches the end user’s experience online.

I ensure the interaction your online visitor enjoys is effortless whether they are on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. I also create social media strategies that make sense and create relationships. I also love to create unique content that’s easy to share on social media, creates audience engagement, and builds your loyal followers. The end result should be an intuitive world that brings all of these different tools and technologies together to create one cohesive experience for your audience. And yes, it should be fun and entertaining for them to interact with you online!

Contact me at info@jeanstrong.com to get started!

 The Me Behind Me

Jean Strong

I am a creative, innovative producer/director of digital content and UX design. I have hands-on experience as a project manager, small business owner, web producer, and digital/social media strategist. I started my career at Beeline Internet Resources, one of the first web design service companies in the U.S., founded in Boston in 1997. I have  a robust background in designing interaction, UI/UX, and producing websites in the fields of entertainment, non-profit, finance and small business.

I am the co-founder and was the creative director of BayBridge, a digital marketing company for the Broadway industry from 2005-2010. I have produced corporate, entertainment, and fundraising videos, audio podcasts for the web, created and implemented digital marketing campaigns, and integrated social media strategies to create rich experiences for the end user. I also worked on the digital strategy for  the 2009 Campaign for Normal Siegel for New York City Public Advocate.

Co-creator of three musicals, I have also composed music for independent film and published a short story in the anthology, “Lost and Found in New York”, WW Norton 2010. Currently,  I am the associate producer of the Off-Broadway play Bill W. and Dr. Bob now playing at the Soho Playhouse.

In 2014, I attended the National American Marketing Association Conference in Boston, MA.  In 2013, I attended workshops in Responsive Web Design at the General Assembly and Copywriting for the Web at Media Bistro Education. In 2012, I attended The Advanced Novel Writing Summer Session at New York University and Rick Crom’s Comedy Class at The Comedy Cellar.